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Fargo (1996)
98 min – Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Overall Rating
Average Critic Score
328 of 192,059 Movie All Time
36 of 24,696 1990s
2 of 5,228 1996
51 of 6,154 Crime All Time
21 of 3,111 Mystery All Time
67 of 7,291 Thriller All Time
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Jerry Lundegaard is in a financial jam and, out of desperation, comes up with a plan to hire someone to kidnap his wife and demand ransom from her wealthy father, to be secretly split between Jerry and the perpetrators. Jerry, who is not the most astute

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)

`Fargo" begins with an absolutely dead-on familiarity with smalltown life in the frigid winter landscape of Minnesota and North Dakota.Then it rotates its story through satire, comedy, ...read the complete Fargo review at Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)

Looking Closer (Jeffrey Overstreet)

Starring Frances McDormand, William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi "Fargo" is dark comedy against a snow-white landscape, with a whole mess of bright blood on the snow. It was my favorite movie of 1996 because it's good storytelling -- hilarious, ...read the complete Fargo review at Looking Closer (Jeffrey Overstreet)

ToxicUniverse.com (John Nesbit)

If you have a hard time handling blood and/or don't appreciate dark humor, focus on Marge more. She's the character who ...read the complete Fargo review at ToxicUniverse.com (John Nesbit)

Brilliant by TSabonis

This is the story of Jerry Lundegaard. A hapless car salesman who needs money to repay the money he stole from GMAC. Why did Jerry steal money from... read more »

"Films like "Fargo" are why I love the movies", said Roger Ebert. by Galina

The film-makers Joel and Ethan Coen, the writing/directing team also known as Two Headed Director, are the reason why I believe in the modern... read more »

A new all-time favorite by M. C. Semple

I finally got around to seeing Fargo, and what a wonderful surprise! Funny, tragic, memorable. Fargo went straight to the top of my all-time... read more »